Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Allstate (not so good hands) saga.

Today I filed a complaint with South Carolina Deparment of Insurance. I have been told I need to send a letter to Consumer's Report and to the local paper (Post and Courier). It has already hit the internet. Not only did I post here on Tues. I also posted on my blog which was shared wtih Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You don't want to know the reach I have. What is the worst thing you can do to a writer???? Piss them off. Writers are good at networking. I have writer friends from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. I even have writer friends across both those ponds. I have writer friends from Canada to the Mexican border. I even have a few friends south of the border. So Allstate, you messed with the wrong woman. Been not so nice knowing you. May we never cross paths again. You can't make me a high risk driver when I have proof I did not cause the accident. Nice try. I don't play games. But when I do I play to win and take no prisoners.

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