Tuesday, March 15, 2016

PO'd Would be the Polite Way to Say This

Rant on: I had an auto accident on Feb. 1st. In SC we do not have no-fault. If you cause the accident, you pay. I DID NOT cause the accident I was the victim. Allstate (the not so good hands people) are my insurance company. They took care of the claim and collected from the other guys insurance company (State Farm). I know they collected because I got my deductible back. Because I purchased a new car my rates went up. I can live with that. However, when the agent calls and tells me I need to have an epolicy program and some stupid app for my phone to get discounts I start getting suspicious. Imagine my surprise, when my auto insurance jumps $400/year. But there is no penalty for having an accident....they LIE. That is the penalty for having the accident.
So, I start shopping for auto and home insurance. Might as well have them together and get that discount. Um, wrong. Not sure why the rates are coming in at outrageous until I visit the local Nationwide office this afternoon.
My NOT so good hand people have me in the computer as being the person who caused the accident making me a high risk to insure. I have the paper from the police stating I was not at fault. Nationwide can override it. Once they do so, my insurance will drop $284/year from what Allstate wants to charge me. And if I am a good customer, no accidents, no tickets for the next six months, they can look at lowering it. Although they are all getting rate increases April 1. She ran the policy for when mine is up on April 15.
Not only that she ran the print out of what was paid on my claim. According to what Allstate put in the computer, I received $7,309 in settlement on my car. Um, no. I recived $6,937. Wonder where the missing $372 went???? Another issue I will be taking up with the claims department tomorrow.
Will I be changing insurance companies? Oh, hell yes. This rotten company made me look like a liar. NOT ACCEPTBLE.. ever. Then they LIED about the amount of money they settled with me for. Again UNACCEPTABLE...always.
I'm ranting beause I made a promise to Mike I would not take anyone out over this. He is short bail money right now. But, I didn't promise I wouldn't tell the world what an awful company they are. Rant over.

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