Monday, October 6, 2014

The Frustration Mounts

While my path is NOT on a beach, it has become an obstacle course. First doctor today, the nephrologist, is not taking new patients. Back to the drawing board. Not even sure where to look.

Second doctor called today is referring new patients to his nurse practitioner (NP). Oh HELL NO. Been there not worth the headache. Not trying another one, so they will not take me on.

Will call doctor number three tomorrow. Hoping for better results.

Just when I thought the big hurdles were about to be over, I discover there are foods I've eaten I can no longer eat. Eating is no longer fun. It is a chore to find something that will keep my mouth from going haywire. I am not eating enough.

No sympathy allowed. I will figure this out one way or another. At least I know I won't be gaining weight.



  1. Many Nurse Practitioners are better than doctors. Check their ratings online or request others who have been to them for their rating. Just like doctors, there are a few bad apples in any bunch.

    1. They all seem to live in this town. Two now have almost killed me. I'm not impressed. Not giving a third one the chance to finish the job.



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