Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lightning Does Strike Twice

Two years ago for the launch party for the first Macy McVannel book, Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie. I learned the day before the library author chat/book signing the books would not arrive until the following Tues. The event was on a Thurs. Wait, the books were not going to arrive until after the event. My publisher at the time did everything to get the books shipped. She would take half the order, she would have sent UPS to pick them up for next day delivery. No, go. I sent out a notice to those planning to come, the books would not be available. Maybe half a dozen people showed up. I gave away more books than I sold. I was devastated. Luckily, my then publisher had been able to get me a second signing at a library near my hometown. Much bigger turnout, many more sales, and I ended up with a book signing at a used bookstore in Frankenmuth a couple months later. All-in-all, it turned out alright.

Book two in the Macy McVannel series, Crossing the Line was an even bigger success coming out in May, 2013. I had a small book signing in a neighboring town and again ended up giving away more than I sold. However once again I snagged a book signing in Frankenmuth, where I met with huge success. This book went on the be named 2013 Mystery Book of the Year, by Turning the Pages.

Enter book three, Sanctuary. Through no one's fault my book signing/launch for this book was today. Who can resist this cover?
Or a back of the book blurb this exciting: Danielle Montgomery has move the Willows, the home she grew up in. A woman on a mission, she enlists the aid of her college roommate, Macy McVannel, as she helps free abused women from their abusers. She is also wondering if she can rekindle her relationship with builder, Brad Stevens.
  Is what she is doing even legal?
    Can she protect those she hopes to save?
Their goal is to provide sanctuary to those in need...
   But can they protect them from the pasts they left behind?

 Well, I learned the books would not arrive on time for the book signing. I did a pre-pay and will deliver or mail the books to the people who pre-paid. The books were shipped late this afternoon and should be her for me to pick up at the post office on Tues. Aug. 26th. This time I did not tell people. I did a decent day of sales, had plenty of  time to visit with family, friends, and strangers.

I have decided odd numbered books in this series might be jinxed. But I've learned you can be successful if you go at it with a positive attitude.

If you are looking for Sanctuary, it is available in paperback of for Kindle at the following link.




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