Monday, August 4, 2014


Cables seem to run our lives. My cable company sent me this real nice letter telling my my TV services would be going up to $66.99/mo and my Intenet would now be $49.99/mo. Total bill will now be $116.98/mo plus taxes. I don't think so. I'm not getting more for this price. I have been paying $87.98/mo with the taxes figured in. A $29//mo increase is NOT in my budget. I'm trying to cut costs.

Consequently I went in to see if they could make me a better offer. Her best offer was $105.98/mo. Still $18/mo more than what I am currently paying. All the while they are advertising their new Spectrum service for $29.99/mo. Oh that's only for new customers. So, I ask what it will be for just Internet. I can do with out TV. $54.99/mo plus taxes. Really???? I don't think so. I tell her I will return the TV box and remote within the next two days.

Back home I call Verizon only to learn they don't service this area. I move on to AT&T, who gives me to Dishnetwork. Oh, wait. You cannot get Internet until you are an established customer. So, with your $59.99/mo Internet and our $41/mo for TV you will only be paying $99/mo. that's only $11 more than you were paying and $6.98 cheaper than Charter. Not interested.

Finally call DirectTV. Oh wait, I can get their choice package for TV for $50.99/mo and the Internet through AT&T will only be $14.95/mo. Total package $70.94/mo. I'm good with this. Direct TV will be installed tomorrow afternoon. Then I will be returning the Charter TV stuff. AT&T is sending self-install wireless. It will be here in 3-5 days, but will officially be on Aug. 7th. Two different bills. I want them pulled from my checking account monthly not put on my credit card. So, that will be my first phone call on Wed.

I am so sick of Charter. Two and a half days last week I had no Internet service. Will I be getting credit? No, everyone was out. So, you should be crediting everyone. Charter bounces me on a regular basis and I am real tired of all the sudden being disconnected. Direct TV will work with me if I am ever lucky enough to sell my house and move.

Frustration ebbing. I am good with the decisions made.

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