Wednesday, March 26, 2014

365 Photos Day 84

I read this book after coming back from South Carolina in 2012. I found it compeling. Partly because on my last day in South Carolina before church I was driving around Rockville on Wadmalaw Island. I saw a lot which had been cleaned off. There were large logs stacked and I thought it might make a good building site. I turned around because it was a dead end street. As I came back I looked at the logs. Stopped my car and reached for my camera. Slowly I backed up. What I had seen was no longer there. I saw Jesus painted on the ends of the logs, it looked as though he was speaking to children. There was nothing, just the logs. I sat there for a minute as I let what happened sink in. When I came home I mentioned it to a friend and she said I have a book you need to read. Read this one first and then the children's version. I cried when I got to the end where he finally saw a picture of Jesus as he had seen him. 
This is the photo Colton saw and this is the man I saw in the field by the logs:

This is why I want to move. I know where I belong. I got the message, loud and clear.

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