Friday, November 18, 2016

South State Bank...Epic Fail

Recently I wrote a blog about banks going bad. Well, South State Bank in South Carolina is an epic FAIL.

They told me I could sign a paper and get out of the escrow account. Bring it, I can budget in escrow and I know how to manage MY money. Wednesday I got a call from an assistant to the loan person I dealt with. She has only been his assistant for six months and all she knows is she cannot help me. Please email her boss.

I emailed her boss and told him to make me a happy camper they need to cut the check for my property taxes NOW as they have the money to pay them. Send me the papers to close the escrow account. The cut me a check for the remaining amount they have and I'll pay the house payment and the interest.

Today while I am in northern Ohio, Vickie Battles calls me. She informs me she is the head of the escrow department. I'm thinking good we might be getting somewhere. Then she proceeds to tell me, my loan was written so the escrow account cannot be separated from it. WTF....Yeah that's what I said. However they can take $137 and change from my principle to cover the shortage and my payment will then be $969 and change/mo.

I flipped out on her. Told her she needed to clean house and get rid of the people who cannot do their job. They should have had my taxes in front of them before EVER redoing an escrow assessment. Well, we don't have them yet. UM, yes you do. Two of your inept employees have told me they have the taxes. PAY THEM NOW!!!

We have a certain time when we cut those checks. What part of PAY THE FUCKING TAXES NOW! Did you not understand????

Then she gives me her phone number so if there is another issue with my escrow account I can call her directly. IF there is another problem with my escrow account I will be seeking an attorney and I will sue the bank.

In the meantime I am looking into who is in charge of banking in South Carolina. I want this bank audited and if I can't get someone on a state level to do it, I'll be hitting up my Congress person and my Senator. The proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. It's going to get ugly.

Anyone looking for a nice house in South Carolina??? I have one which will be on the market as of October 31, 2017.



  1. Wow, sounds like a mess. I hope you can get the help you need.

    1. Thanks, Debby, I am stuck with them until I sell the house and cannot sell it before Oct. 31, 2017



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