Saturday, July 2, 2016

Friday Night in the Hood

For those who don't know, I was not told when I bought my house it was a  habitat house. I would not have purchased it if I had known. While they started this neighborhood in 1997, my house was not built until 2003. It's not a bad house if you like neighborhoods, I don't. So, tonight I see police lights flashing in my front yard. I decide to see what is going on. The following are the photos I took from the front porch.

This is looking down Yost  Lane from my house. In the first photo there were at least twenty police cars and I watched the fire truck pull in. Then I grabbed my phone. The second one is across from my house and someone was trying to find out what was going on. One woman had parked her car across the road and walked to her house with her groceries as they were not letting people drive down the road. The third one is also in front of my house, by this time the ambulance and four police cars have made and exit. The fire truck was making its way toward leaving.

Someone on the street said they thought it was a hostage situation. It was not. We were the  Breaking News at 11pm. Three boys were walking down Yost Lane at about 9pm when a car slowed down and fired two shots before speeding away. One sixteen year old boy was taken to the hospital with a non-life threatening injury.  Yes, folks, he was shot.

I am feeling safer with the new alarm system, however this is not the way I want to live. Am seriously rethinking where I want to live. 

A police car just drove through the neighborhood. I believe it is going to be a very long summer.



  1. I am so sorry to read this. If this is any help, no place is immune to problems. But it is discomforting to see all that. At least there was a good police response. Poor kid, I'm glad he did not die.

    1. Ann, I understand this is common. But this country girl has not acclimated to city living and I really don't want to. My one prayer last night was, "please let no one die." I was glad to hear it was not a life-threatening injury. I am truly pleased no one did. This was the last straw in a long line of issues I've had since I bought this house seven months ago. This will not be my forever home.


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