Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Review Time

I was lucky enough to receive this book from C. Hope Clark for review purposes. Once again she has created lovable characters while bringing in the rich history of the low country.

Edisto Island is south of me, I've not been to Edisto, but believe it will be worth a trip. I love Calllie Lawton as a character. She is flawed and fighting her own demons while at the same time taking on the demons in Edisto. Her former years as a police officer, show she has not lost her touch. She knows how to root out the bad guys.

The twists and turns this story takes will keep you reading well into the wee hours. The parallels to Callie's personal life, make you second guess. I was unable to figure it out until Ms. Clark was ready to divulge the culprit. I was surprised it was not someone I had even suspected.

The question is will she nab him in time to save her friend?

A remarkable read and should be on your summer reading list.

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