Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just a Quickie

I did not participate in the A-Z writing challenge during the month of April. With moving and settling in, the time just wasn't there. I really miss doing it and for the first time in three years I didn't. I think I'll sign up for next year now.

In the meantime since June only has 30 days I think I'll do my A-Z challenge then. Look for my first blog to be on June 1st. I will skip the four Sundays and write the other 26 days. Not sure if I will have a theme or just write from the cuff. You'll have to wait and see.

Lots happening in my corner of the writing world. I launched Doris Plantus in February. Her book Sihastrul is flying off the shelves. It is speculative fiction, so a bit different. We now have it translated in Romanian and will be putting it out soon. The big news for her is because she is adjunct faculty at Oakland University (my alma mater for my Master's Degree), they are going to get behind her and give her a ton of marketing. Good for both of us. The more books she sells, the more money we both make.

I have edited once again Target of Vengeance and sent it to my wonderful design team at Blue Harvest Creative ( They will give it a new interior and cover design and it will be re-released later this year under Lilac Publishing. It will also be available in ebook format when we are done.

I am working with attorneys to get my book Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie taken down. The company who put it out has gone under and are keeping my royalties. Since I did not break the contract they owe me royalties for 2013, 2014, and  2015. I will never see the money. I want the book taken down, so I can send it to my design team and have a new cover and interior and re-release it under Lilac Publishing. It's frustrating, because I own the copyright. It is my work.

On an up note, I am working on edits for a book titled, Death Wind. It is about Native Americans. The cool thing about this book is the author is 94 years old and legally blind. It's been an interesting book so far and will by my afternoon project tomorrow.

See I'm finding ways to keep busy without getting into trouble. Those who know me well, understand this is a major accomplishment. I still find time to crochet, write letters, see friends here, and I'm thinking the pool is starting to look pretty good.


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