Friday, July 4, 2014

New Things Happening

Thursday afternoon I have a group of people coming to my house to talk about and work on writing. I'm excited. I love talking about writing and encouraging others to explore their writing strengths. It motivates me to write.

I sometimes fine myself overwhelmed with the amount of writing I face. I have three current works in progress. One a children's book, one is the fourth book in the Macy McVannel series, and one has to do with learning how to cure what ails me through healthy eating. I have starts on a few others but these are the three I'm focusing on.

I also took on the challenge of reading Atlas Shrugged. It has never before taken me a month to read a book. I have until July 9th to get it finished. Then it needs to be returned to the library. Yes, with all the books I own, I still use the library.

Talking about writing, sharing ideas, and knowledge are all parts of being a writer. Writing is a solitary art. If you don't talk to like minded people you can lose focus and direction. I believe in encouraging those who wish to write or want to get better at writing.

When I was growing up, yes, in the days of the dinosaur, there was no one to encourage me. Parents don't count. One teacher out of all the teachers I ever had told me he would one day see me in books. In high school they let me write poetry but, had no idea how to grade it. The standard was to put a B on it and no comments. In college a professor told me I had talent, but she was at a loss for how I could develop it. So, I read. I have a group major in English, language, and literature (52 credit hours). I also took journalism, feature writing, and broadcast continuity writing. I read books on writing. I read mysteries in an effort to see how they were written. Now I share with others what I've learned.

Looking forward to learning as I go.

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