Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Will be my Challenge Week

Lawn stomorrow if weather permits. I hate this as I will not be able to take allergy meds when I am done. It will be a long night. If it doesn't permit, then cleaning the garage I put off this weekend will have to be done. I have decided it is not going to clean itself.

Wednesday, I go for food allergy testing. That will take up my afternoon as well as determine what I will be able to eat in the future.  At least I will be able to go home and do meal planning. Knowing what new allergies I have acquired will help, so I don't end up with mouth infections.

At some point I hope to meet a friend who will be in town for the week. We met through a mutual friend and it would be nice to meet in person. While I am in that area I'm going to stop and see friends who own a bookstore. Hopefully I can get a book signing there come August or September.

Saturday I have open houses. Two of them are local and one is out of town. I will make the local ones for sure, we will see how it goes on the out of town one. I have a while before all the students I've taught over the years are out of high school.

In the meantime, I keep hoping there will be others interested in my house. I have shared the listing on several sights. Sad, people keep asking me if I will rent it. Seriously, it is For Sale. I'm moving. I have no desire to be an absentee landlord. I don't want the house anymore. It is too big for me. I need something all on one floor. In an entirely different location. Far, far from where I am now.

I will be working on Of Moonbeams and Fairy Dust as well as Something Borrowed, Something Blue. I have deadlines in my head for when I want them to come out, so deadlines for when they need to be read and edited. I have two other authors counting on me to have their books ready to go by fall.

Yep, going to have trouble keeping up with myself. Have a great week all.

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