Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sneak Preview

One of the two following will be the cover for my next book. If you know anything about the first book in the series, you will recognize Macy on the cover of the first book cover.

With it there is continuity of character. Please look at the second possible cover and read the tag-line of the cover.

This one speaks more to the content in the book. Since Macy is still the main character,  I don't know that she needs to be on the cover again. It does tell you this is a Macy McVannel novel. 

I will be finishing all edits and making a decision by the end of the week. I have an informal poll going on my author page on Facebook. So far cover two is ahead 7-2. I will be interested to see what tomorrow brings. Feel free to comment with feedback. I am open to what you think.

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