Friday, October 12, 2012

Murphy's Law

Yes, when it rains it pours. I'm full of cliches' today. It all started with the conference disaster. I got home and learned my furnace wasn't working. Managed to get the through the week-end and called furnace company on Monday.

Yikes!!!!! Need a new furnace. This one is only 11 years old. But the electrical circuits are dead and the motor is not right. Not to mention  it was not vented properly when it was installed. I have a guardian angel somewhere because in spite of everything, the house has not blown up. So, I apply for loan.

YEAH!!!! Loan is a approved, with a 10% extra charge. However it can be rolled into the loan. Okay I'm good with that. Not what I was hoping for, but this too shall pass. They will let me know the next day about installation.

Yesterday came and went, I called. No return call. The call came this morning. Furnace will not be in until next week and then we have to look at an installation date. Ugh. To make matters worse, my small space heater in the bathroom, went belly up this morning. It has been replaced.

It has reached 68 degrees in the house. So, I am not freezing. It's only a little chilly. I will figure out what I'm going to bake and the oven will heat this place up.

So, while all is now under control with the furnace and heat issues. The next thing falls apart. My publisher tells me there are going to be some internal changes in the publishing company. I can live with this and understand completely why they are happening. However, the book I have coming out next month most likely will not be coming out. I am still awaiting ARCs (Advance Review Copies). I have people waiting to read and review for me.

I now feel like my writing future is out of control. I am a wreck. I am six chapters completed in book three in this series. I have a feel for where this is going. I did not plan for it to be out until 2013, so no issue there. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy. Most of them related to ebooks.

It just seems like someone else could use a little bad luck. I'm willing to share.


  1. Sorry to hear what happened. Maybe luck just wasn’t on your side, and all those 11 years the furnace had to work hard had finally caught up to it. I do hope it gets replaced soon so you won’t have to use the oven to heat the room. Anyway, after all the wrong that has happened, I hope everything would turn out in your favor in the future.

  2. Thank you. A new furnace will be installed on Monday.

  3. Hi Rebecka! How's the new furnace doing? Good thing you had a new one installed before the winter. I don't know what am I going to do with a broken furnace at home. This winter was remarkably colder than usual. I hope that you new system will perform well and will exceed the lifespan of the previous one.

    Carmella Vancil

  4. Carmella, the new furnace works wonderfully and is saving me tons of money in propane. Something the other one would have done had it been properly installed. Hope you can get yours fixed.

  5. It seems that your new furnace was installed properly and has been working well. That's really great! At least you no longer have to worry about things like the house possibly catching fire.

    Darryl Iorio

  6. Darryl, this is true and it's a load off my shoulders.


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