Monday, October 16, 2023

October Already

 I'm not sure where the time has flown. June was an exiting month. July was a mess. I had a change of medication which caused me to gain 14.8 pounds in 3 days. That got straightened out and I am still trying to lose the weight. The next medication was a patch after 5 hours I thought my head was going to explode and my blood pressure was nearing the stroke range. The patch only delivered 1/3 of the medication I had been taking orally. Back on the oral meds with an increased dose. 

I went to my Mastermind group in early August and then up to Michigan for a vacation. Yep, that didn't go anywhere near as planned. I woke up at 2am the first night unable to walk. My right leg was in constant pain. Monday a friend drove me to ER. We spent six hours there. They took x-rays and determined I didn't have any broken bones, I already knew that. Then they did an ultrasound of both legs and determined I didn't have blood clots. Another thing I already knew. I had been through this once before, but it wasn't this bad. They prescribed a Lidocaine patch because they had no clue what was wrong. Not once did they ask me to walk. I can't have a Lidocaine patch. Some idiot in their infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to put aluminum (two kinds) in the patches. I break out in a severe rash from aluminum. Not getting that. Called Kentucky to talk to my doctor. She prescribed the muscle relaxant I had left at home. Walmart didn't have the amount she ordered so they sold me what they had. I looked at the instructions and the amount of meds I had and said this won't last until I get home. I adjusted the dose accordingly. 

I left the cabin a day later than I had planned, but I knew I could drive as far as Findlay, OH on the way home. I stopped at my sister's in Clio, then headed out. I arrived in Findlay about 4:30pm. Not a hotel room vacant in the city. So, I texted my crew and said I was driving on. Diane tells me the next city is Lima. It's about 30 miles farther south. No vacancies in Lima either. Next city is Wapakoneta, OH. I know where the hotel is. I get there and they have no rooms. She tells me 

there might be rooms in Troy, OH. I call the Holiday Inn there, nope no rooms. My daughter calls. I tell her if I can't get in to the next hotel in Troy, I'll be sleeping in the car at a rest area or a truck stop. She gets me the number I call and reserve a room. I call Jamie back and tell her I'm stopping at Arby's as my blood sugar is crashing. Then I will head to Troy. I get there and my room is on the third floor. I load what I am taking to the room on a luggage cart unload it and am getting ready to take the luggage cart back to the first floor when the door knob catches me in the hip. Right hip. My leg is already screaming to get off it. Luggage rack returned and car parked. I head to my room. 

I grabbed some things I had with me to eat (snack food). I wanted to be sure my sugar levels didn't drop again. I slept mostly upright in the bed as lying down made me want to scream. I used Icy/hot with Lidocaine to put on the leg. Took a muscle relaxant and a couple of aspirins. I know, not supposed to take aspirin with kidney disease. I was up every two hours. Not a good night's sleep. I'm up at 8:30am as I have a call coming in from Cape Town, South Africa at 9am. My sister is texting me, then housekeeping bangs on my door so they can empty the trash. Check out is not until noon. I was appalled they would beat on the door that early. I got down to breakfast at 9:25am there was nothing left. I grabbed a luggage cart and took it up to load my car. Put everything on it. Took it down and the gal at the desk kept an eye on it while I retrieved my car. I loaded up, took the luggage cart back and left. Just before I got to Dayton there was a sign for a Bob Evans, I stopped there for breakfast. 

I made it home by 4;30pm. My handyman came over and unloaded the car for me. There was no way I'd have made it up the stairs several times with luggage. I was exhausted, but needed to eat. So, I decided it was time to try the new Acapulco Grill in town. It was amazing and I had enough leftovers for the next day. 

I saw my doctor on a walk-in basis, which means I spent the better part of my day in her office. She wrote a prescription for the arthritis gel she had given me the last time and told me I'd be doing Physical Therapy. After two weeks of hearing nothing from PT, I called and got the number. I didn't know which place they were sending me. I called and they told me they hadn't had a referral from my doctor in years. So, I called again and the anwering service put me through to the doctor's office. The recptionist told I was going to PT Solutions. I told her I had called them the day before and they haven't had a referral from my doctor in years. They sent another referral immediately. By the next day PT Solutions called and we set up an initial appointment. At the initial appointment, I was then scheduled for two more days that week and three the next two weeks. 

I do my home exercises faithfully, including 5 minutes of running a rolling pin up and down my leg from thigh to knee and back again. Most painful 5 minutes of my life. It's not arthritis. At some point in my life the tendon that runs from your hip to your knee has been injured in several places. As it healed, it created little cyst like nodules. Over the years the nodules have grown and formed larger clusters, which are pinching muscle and tendon. The purpos of the rolling pin is to break them up and ease the pinching and the pain. It seems the knock by the hotel door affected my bursa and the massage on that while it hurt at the time has helped the swelling go down. Today I was dropped to two days a week at least through November 3rd. Walking pain free is amazing. 

I am still learning to use technology to enhance my writing coaching busines. Midjourney helps me create photos for my LinkedIn articles and other pieces I write. AI photos are still not allowed in published books by the Library of Congress. I have also worked with Augmented Reality. Can't get the video for my virtual office to play once I put it in the blog so you are getting the QR code for my new AR business card.

 Make sure the volume is turned up. The button to get 30 minutes from me is the blue and white one.

Have been fighting with IngramSpark to get my poetry book out in the third edition since August. I finally jumped the last hurdle I believe. I sent them proof that the ISBNs are assigned to me under Author Academy Elite. Now I am waiting for the go ahead to publish. 

Hope you enjoyed catching up.


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October Already

 I'm not sure where the time has flown. June was an exiting month. July was a mess. I had a change of medication which caused me to gain...